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BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem

BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem (2013)

Coming from outer space, an intergalactic coOw invites BoOzy' OS to join the biggest animation film festival of the universe. BoOzy' imagines himself winning the competition and decides to seek the famoOs "Cristal" of Annecy. But the dark paunchy Mari' OS is determined to recover the loOt before him.



Title:BoOzy' OS and the Cristal Gem
Release: April 14, 2013
Runtime: 0h 5minutes
Genre: Adventure, Animation
Stars: Ken Arsyn, Georges Colazzo
Overview: A world-famoOs Festival... A sparkling treasure... A charming and sturdy heroO... An enticing PoOlet... And a lot of bad naughty bloOkes! Mission: find the hoard, beat the bad guys... and seduce the chick! BoOzy' OS is seeking the Great Cristal of Annecy!