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Dynamite Shaolin Heroes

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1978)



Title:Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
Release: December 02, 1978
Runtime: 1h 18minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Foreign
Stars: Lo Lieh, Kim Min-jeong, Choi Bong, Choi Sung-Kyu, Kim Ki-bum, Kim Wang-Kuk
Overview: In Ching Dynasty, surviving retainers of Ming Dynasty swears with blood to restore their country. Hwang Baek who is greedy for power, brutally kills them but the master Mok-ryun defeats him every time. Kang Shi-baek, the lord of Haedong, has a daughter, Chung-chung, who is engaged with Chon-ryong. Baek-ho asks to marry her also. Hwang-baek plots against Kang Shi-baek and puts him in jail. When Kang Shi-baek's head was about to be cut off, two of the masters Mok-ryun show up and rid of Hwang-baek group. Chon-ryong matches against and beats Hwang-baek and leaves with Chung-chung. - KMDB